20-liners and 2K'ers




This C64 BASIC program by Hannes Sommer allows you to create your own running text demos. Simply replace the string statement A$="SCRIPT F8" in the program by your own text, and RUN the program.
This program consists of a ML loader and a BASIC program text. After the machine language routine is POKEd into memory, you can load another BASIC program, that uses the machine language program.
To POKE your text into the ML program's buffer, start POKEing the ASCII characters from location 14335, and the following characters each one location higher. Be sure to end your strings with a {clr} character. The text can be up to 255 characters long. To control the scroll speed, change the tenth number in line 8 (value: 3), or by POKE 12955,tempo.
This program appeared first in 64'er 6/89.


This C64 BASIC program by Tilmann Botzenhardt is a shoot'em up game for two players. Each player controls a spaceship with a joystick in Port 1 or 2, scrolling sideways and firing 0-3 shots at any one time. When a player is hit, the other player scores a point. Whichever player reaches 10 points first wins, and the game resets.
Brainwar is written entirely in assembly language, but loads as a BASIC program. It appeared first in 64'er 10/89.



This C64 BASIC program by Helmut Schuhmacher converts lines with multiple statements into lines with only one statement per Basic line. The resulting program file is easier to edit than a file with fully packed program lines. Note that the program fails if it runs out of intermediate line numbers. The German version appeared first in 64'er 10/89; the version presented here is translated into English.

This C64 BASIC program by John Iannetta counts the number of clock cycles a machine language program uses for its execution. You can supply initial values for the registers .A, .X, .Y and .P (status register). You must supply the address of the machine language program, otherwise the computer might crash. The parameters should be entered in the BASIC lines 30-55. This program is partially written in Basic, partially in assembly language.

This C64 machine language program by Jan Valter diplays the contents of memory. It can show both RAM and ROM. The following keys are used to control the program:
{arrow left} - switch between ROM/RAM display, {x} - end program, {+}/{-} 256 bytes forward/back, {f3}/{f1} 1 byte forward/back, {f7}/{f5} 8 bytes forward/back
Load with LOAD"SPION.BIN",8,1. Run with SYS 28762
The German version appeared first in 64'er 10/89; the version presented here is translated into English. ("Spion" in German means "Spy".)


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