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Commodore 128 Personal Computer

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Welcome to the totally renewed html version of the Commodore 128 System Guide. I have prepared for you a comprehensive guide for the Commodore 128 computer, published by Commodore Business Machine, Inc. in 1985. To enter, follow the ENTER hyperlink (frames or non-frames version) above.

I have included all sample programs in both readable ASCII text and executable binary form. See the section List of Programs for an overview.

For those who prefer an e-text version, can download the ZIPped e-text file at this WWW location. You can unzip the archive using an utility like PKUNZIP.

The e-text version is text-only and no longer uses paging or page numbering. Instead, all sections and subsections are numbered.

If you have ANY comments, questions, or if you want to thank me :-) for all the good work, just send an e-mail message to the address below.

René van Belzen


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