CP/M Plus (CP/M® Version 3) Operating System Programmer's Guide


Appendix C

SPR Generation

System Page Relocatable, SPR, files are similar in format to PRL files except that SPR files have an origin offset of 0000H (see Appendix B). SPR Files are provided as part of the standard CP/M 3 System: the resident and banked portions of the banked BDOS, named RESBDOS3.SPR and BNKBDOS3.SPR, and the nonbanked BDOS, named BDOS3.SPR. The customized BIOS must also be generated in SPR format before GENCPM can create a CP/M 3 system. The BIOS SPR file is named BNKBIOS3.SPR for banked systems and BIOS3.SPR for nonbanked systems. A detailed discussion of the generation of BIOS3.SPR or BNK-BIOS3.SPR is provided in the CP/M Plus (CP/M Version 3) Operating System System Guide.

The method of generating an SPR is analogous to that of generating a Page Relocatable Program (described in Appendix B) with the following exceptions:

  • If LINK-80 is used, the output file of type SPR is specified with the [os] or [b] option. The [b] option is used when linking BNKBIOS3.SPR.
  • The code in the SPR is ORGed at 000H rather than 100H.

End of Appendix C

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