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This appendix lists the commands used for disk operation in C128 and C64 modes on the Commodore 128. For detailed information on any of these commands, see Chapter V, BASIC 7.0 Encyclopaedia. Your disk drive manual also has information on disk commands.

The new BASIC 7.0 commands can be used only in C128 mode. All BASIC 2.0 commands can be used in both C128 and C64 modes.

Command Use Basic 2.0 Basic 7.0
APPEND Append data to file * X
BLOAD Load a binary file starting at the specified memory location X
BOOT Load and execute program X
BSAVE Save a binary file from the specified memory location X
CATALOG Display directory contents of disk on screen * X
CLOSE Close logical disk file X X
CMD Redirect screen output to disk file X X
COLLECT Free inaccessible disk space * X
CONCAT Concatenates two data files * X
COPY Copy files between drives * X
DCLEAR Resets and initializes disk drives * X
DCLOSE Close logical disk files * X
DIRECTORY Display directory of contents of disk on screen * X
DLOAD Load a BASIC program from disk * X
DOPEN Open a disk file for a read and/or write operation * X
DSAVE Save a BASIC program to disk * X
DVERIFY Verify program in memory against program on disk * X
GET# Receive input from open disk file X X
HEADER Format a disk * X
LOAD Load a file from disk X X
OPEN Open a file for input or output X X
PRINT# Output data to file X X
RECORD Position relative file pointers * X
RENAME Change name of a file on disk * X
RUN filename Execute BASIC program from disk X
SAVE Store program in memory to disk X X
VERIFY Verify program in memory against program on disk X X

* Although there is no single equivalent command in BASIC 2.0, there is an equivalent multi-command instruction. See your drive manual for these BASIC 2.0 conventions.

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